LLB Curriculum

Dispute Resolution


Final Level, half course, first semester, two lectures per week.

9 NQF credits at HEQSF level 8

Convener: M Prinsloo

Course entry requirements: All Preliminary and Intermediate Level courses to have been completed. The course is limited to 25 students; application to do the course must be directed to M Prinsloo by 31 October.

Course outline:

The nature and path of conflict; approaches to managing conflict; positional and interest-based mechanisms; comparing adjudication and mediation; defining the process of mediation; the stages of mediation; the dispute system in the Labour Relations Act; specialised forms of mediation; divorce mediation, community mediation and environmental mediation; arbitration: the forms of arbitration and the defining characteristics; dispute systems design.

DP requirements: None

Assessment: Coursework: Class test 25%, Contemplative journal 25%, June examination: 50%