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Advanced Company Law: Securities


Course Overview:

Higher postgraduate course, first semester.

This course forms part of the bouquet of commercial law courses on offer for Master of Laws and Postgraduate Diploma purposes. The course objective is to promote academic and practical expertise in those areas of company law covered by the course and to stimulate academic debate, critical thinking and possible advocacy around certain of the more complex and controversial areas, including areas which will be affected by the corporate law reform initiative currently underway. The areas to be addressed may include share capital, repurchases, shares and debentures, alteration of shareholders' rights and schemes of arrangement, raising share capital, membership, transfer and dealing, uncertified shares, insider trading, takeovers and mergers, dividends, the regulation of financial markets and, where appropriate, the proposed law reform relating to these areas.

Competent academic and/or practical knowledge of the general principles of South African company law.

Two double lectures per week, at times to be arranged. DP requirements:
Satisfactory attendance at and participation in lectures.

DP requirements:
Satisfactory attendance at and participation in lectures.

One examination in November counts for 60% and the year mark counts 40% of the final grade. Year mark based on test(s) and assignment(s).