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LLM Curriculum

Advanced Company Law: Corporate Governance


Course Overview:

Higher postgraduate double-course, second semester

Competent academic and/or practical knowledge of the general principles of South African company law.

Two double lectures per week, one week in July or August and October (to be confirmed at registration).

To promote academic and practical expertise in the area of company law generally and to stimulate academic debate, critical thinking and possible advocacy around certain of the more complex and controversial areas, as well as areas which may be affected by the corporate law reform initiative currently underway.

Course outline:
This course will be presented through a series of lectures. The areas which will be addressed are corporate governance and selected topical aspects of company law which may include corporate law reform, the corporate purpose and corporate stakeholders, auditors‟ liability, voting rights, shareholders‟ remedies, piercing the corporate veil, directors‟ duties and liability, statutory restrictions on directors and BEE.

DP requirements:
Satisfactory attendance at and participation in lectures.

Test(s) and assignment(s) count 40% and one examination in November counts for 60% of the final grade.