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LLM Curriculum

Competition Law (LLM)


Course Overview:

Higher postgraduate double-course, second semester

See Rules for LLM and MPhil Degrees and Postgraduate Diplomas. Candidates must have a sufficient level of competence in the field of labour law.

Course Objectives:
The course will focus on and will aim to develop an understanding of the law and principles of competition policy in countries and regions across the globe, including, specifically, South Africa, The United States and the European Union.

Course outline:
The course aims to develop an understanding of and critical discourse on, inter alia, the following:

  • the role of markets and competition law in relation to the poor;
  • the relationship between aggregate efficiency, economic opportunity for those without power, industrial policy and equity for the poor or powerless;
  • the relationship between the common good and the national good;
  • the tension between a country's right to regulate in the national interest and its obligation not to cause external harm.

Lecture period:
two double lectures per week

DP requirements:
Satisfactory attendance at lectures and presentation of seminars, and completion of projects.

Assessment will be on a continuing basis. Student's will submit a mid-term seminar paper on a relevant topic and present a seminar in relation to the topic of the paper, which will count 50%. A written examination, counting the remaining 50% of the course, will conclude the assessment.