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LLM Curriculum

Electronic Intellectual Property Law


Convenor:  Professor Caroline Ncube 

Course Overview:

Higher postgraduate course, fifty contact hours, second semester.

See Rules for LLM and MPhil Degrees and Postgraduate Diplomas. Candidates must have a sufficient level of competence in the field of labour law.

Course Objectives:
The course aims at giving law graduates and non-law graduates with experience in telecommunications and postgraduate students in other disciplines an understanding of the domestic and international law that governs the ownership and use of intellectual property that is delivered and used electronically. The course will make extensive use of visiting lecturers, legal practitioners working in the area and technology experts.

Course outline:

  1. Introduction
  2. International and regional agreements on electronic intellectual property
  3. Domestic legislation on electronic intellectual property
  4. Copyright and digital reproduction
  5. File sharing
  6. Digital rights management
  7. Database protection
  8. Performers rights
  9. Broadcasting rights
  10. Linking, framing and hypertext
  11. Trade marks and domain names
  12. Computer software
  13. Integrated circuit layouts
  14. Business plans

Lecture period:
Two double lectures per week or two intense weeks teaching, 30 lectures in one week and the remainder in a second week.

One or two projects: 25% or 50%
Examination: 75% or 50%