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LLM Curriculum

International Commercial Transactions Law


Course Overview:

Higher postgraduate course, second semester, offered in block format at the start of the second semester.

See Rules for LLM Degrees.

Course outline:
The contractual aspects of international commercial transactions, but not the regulatory and policy aspects that are covered in International Economic Law (CML5640F) in the first semester.

Topics covered:

  • Law applicable to an international contract and consequences of choice of law;
  • Modern Lex Mercatoria;
  • Harmonisation of private law;
  • United Nations Convention on contracts for the International Sales of Goods ( CISG);
  • Incoterms 2000;
  • Carriage of goods;
  • Insurance;
  • Documentary credits;
  • Demand Guarantees;
  • Cross-border insolvency.