Professional Courses

Business Law I

CML1001F / CML1004S

Course Overview:

First year, first or second semester course, 5 lectures per week.

The course provides an introduction to the basic principles of South African law and contract law. Subjects covered include: Introduction to law, general principles of contract; sale; lease; credit agreements, agency.

Entrance requirements:  None.

DP requirements:
A student must write the two tests.

Two written tests: Test 1 counting 15% and Test 2 counting 25% of the final mark.
A written examination counting 60% of the final mark.

Business Law I has one general course code (CML1001F) for the first semester course and one general course code (CML1004S) for the second semester. However, the students are allocated to different groups on registration. In order to distinguish each group, a class number is added to the general course code e.g. 74555. Although the syllabus is the same for all groups, students in one group are not permitted to attend another group's lectures. Students who fail in the first semester are permitted to repeat Business Law I in the second semester, subject to obtaining the recommendation to do so from a student advisor within the student’s home faculty (i.e. the faculty that will award the student’s degree).