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Postgraduate Programmes


The Faculty of Law at the University of Cape Town has been offering approved courses for Master of Laws, Master of Philosophy and Postgraduate Diploma purposes since the early 1980s. These courses have been introduced and expanded to meet the particular demands of and to complement the research work undertaken by specialised institutes and research units associated with the Faculty.

The growth in the number of courses in recent years has emphasised the need to produce more integrated programmes. Simultaneously, changes in the social and political environment in South Africa have presented the Faculty with the opportunity to develop its postgraduate studies programme to meet a new set of challenges within an African and international context.

With these ends in mind, the School for Advanced Legal Studies was created in 1992 as the home for existing and planned elements of postgraduate law studies at UCT. It is located within the Faculty of Law, and has assumed responsibility for the co-ordination of all higher coursework teaching. Its objectives extend to the promotion of research and academic exchanges with students and staff at other universities.