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Dr Emma Fergus

After completing her LLB in 2006, and her articles of clerkship in 2009, Emma practised as an attorney at Bowman Gilfillan until May 2010. She then left practice to pursue a PhD, entitled ‘From Sidumo to Dunsmuir: Judicial Review of CCMA Arbitration Awards', which she completed in 2013. Her primary research interests include organisational rights and collective bargaining, corporate governance in the workplace and judicial review of employers' and the CCMA's decisions.She is a full time senior lecturer in the Commercial Law Department at UCT, and she currently teaches Company Law, Corporate Governance and Labour Law (at PG level), Collective Labour Law (at PG level) as well as selected aspects of labour law to non-law students (at UG level). Emma is also a member of both the Institute of Development and Labour Law at UCT and the South African Society of Labour Lawyers.



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