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Associate Professor Caroline Ncube


Caroline Ncube holds a PhD from the University of Cape Town. Her doctoral thesis examined the intellectual property protection of e-commerce business methods within the context of South Africa's tourism SMEs. She obtained her LLB from the University of Zimbabwe and her LLM from the University of Cambridge where she majored in Intellectual Property Law and Company Law.

Caroline joined the Department of Commercial Law in January 2005. Before that she lectured at the University of Limpopo (formerly University of the North) and the University of Zimbabwe. Prior to embarking on an academic career, she briefly practiced as an attorney.

Caroline plays an active role in various professional associations and participates in socially responsive research projects. She is often invited to give lectures and seminars in Intellectual Property to various constituencies including WIPO Summer School students and librarians. Caroline is also actively involved in research projects that focus on open development, access to knowledge and the promotion of a balanced approach to IP.

Project websites


Company Law (Commerce)
Business Law II (Commerce)
E-Law (LLB)
Intellectual Property Law (LLB)
Electronic Intellectual Property Law (LLM)
Electronic Transactions (LLM)

Publications, teaching materials & online posts

Caroline has authored numerous articles and book chapters which are listed and, in some cases available to download, from her personal website or her webpage.

Some of her teaching materials and lecture slides are available on slideshare and on her Electronic Transactions Law website.

She blogs from her website and sometimes via and afro-ip.

Follow Caroline on twitter (@caro_ncube) and or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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