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Tebello Thabane

Tebello holds four degrees, namely, BA Law, LLB (Lesotho), LLM (UP), LLM (UFS). He is currently a lecturer in the UCT Faculty of Law, Commercial Law Department and a PhD candidate in the same department. Prior to joining UCT, Tebello was the Principal Secretary (Director General) of the Ministry of Law and Constitutional Affairs in the Kingdom of Lesotho.

Prior to that, he lectured at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels at the University of KwaZulu Natal, Howard College. He teaches Company Law and Business Law. His research interests straddle two areas of law, namely, corporate law as well as business and human rights. He has published and delivered conference papers in these areas. His current PhD research centres on the impact of ownership and control models on corporate governance of state-owned companies.



Company Law (Commerce)

Business Law I (Commerce)



T. Thabane, Pathological corporate governance deficiencies in South Africa’s state-owned companies: A   critical reflection (forthcoming).


T. Thabane, Weak extraterritorial remedies: The Achilles heel of Ruggie’s ‘Protect, Respect and Remedy’     Framework and Guiding Principles, (2014) 1 African Human Rights Law Journal 43-60.


T. Thabane, ‘Stacking the odds against the accused’: Appraising the curial attitude towards amici participation in criminal matters’ South African Journal of Criminal Justice, Vol 24 (1) 19-32.


T. Thabane ‘Racism in the Workplace’ Industrial Law Journal, Vol 29, January 2008, 42. (with Alan Rycroft).


T. Thabane ‘Bridging the gap between de jure and de facto parliamentary representation of women in Africa’ CILSA, Vol 42 (2) 2008, 175 – 204   (with MC Buthelezi)