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Intellectual Property Law

CML4503F Intellectual Property Law A

NQF credits: 9 at HEQSF level 8

Final Level, half course, first semester, two lectures per week.

Course co-ordinator:
Mr M Nkomo

Entrance requirements:
All Preliminary and Intermediate Level Courses to have been completed.

Course outline:
This course provides an introduction to the theories and justifications for intellectual property rights and a focused examination, primarily from a South African perspective, of copyright and patents. The course covers the following: intellectual property law theories and justifications; the international intellectual property law instruments; princples of copyright law; issues in copyright law (for example parody and freedom of expression); principles of patent law, and issues in patent law (for example access to medicines and genetic resources). Students are encouraged to register for Intellectual Property Law B as well in order to gain a complete understanding of intellectual property law.

DP requirements:

June Examination 100%